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Animal Welfare

There is a significant difference between Animal Rights Groups and Animal Welfare Organisations. The Shooters, Fish-ers and Farmers Party understands the mindset of both, and is clear that it cannot endorse the views of Animal Rights Groups. We fully endorse and support Animal Welfare Organisations, including the responsible involvement of animals as human companions, for purposes such as food, clothing and research conducted for the benefit of both humans and animals.
We believe in the principle of ownership and understand that animals need be always treated appropriately and with respect, animal cruelty is unacceptable. We do not accept misinformed ideologies stating there is no distinction be-tween animals and humans, or that animal ownership is exploitation and tantamount to slavery
The animal rights movement is not about animal welfare, it exploits the love of animals underpinning its true long-term goal to end human ownership and involvement with all animals.


• Fight the Animal Rights agenda in Parliament

• Support and work with law-abiding animal welfare organizations

• Remove overburdening restrictions on law abiding breeders and promote those responsible breeders doing the right thing
• Protect hunting, animal husbandry, fishing and farming in the refresh of Animal Welfare laws

• Remove the RSPCA’s powers of prosecution, transfer it to the state and introduce legislation to enforce transparency and accountability in animal-based organizations receiving taxpayer money.

• Continue support for legitimate animal competition and shows including Rodeos.

• Oppose any trap/neuter/release program for pest animals

• Ensure that animal welfare groups have equal standing alongside animal rights groups with statutory authorities

• Support no-kill shelters and promote the expansion of adoption programs

• allow adequate time to remedy animal welfare breaches and work to promote a clear and transparent appeals process

• support new animal codes of practice to reduce overburdening requirements

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