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Your gun license under threat


Back in early August we were contacted by "A" (name redacted for confidentiality reasons) . Following a breach of the CHO Stage 3 Health Directions in July, Victoria Police's Licencing and Regulation Division took the time to go to A's residence and inform him that his license was suspended considering cancellation and subsequently took his firearms.  This was the first time we had heard of Vicpol or LRD making such decisions over breaches of health directions and prompted Jeff to ask questions in Parliament.

As the above video states, A's character and his status as a "fit and proper person" is never in question as his job is ultimately required to be even above those requirements. After Jeff's question and video more people contacted us and soon we knew that LRD was on the warpath. In a classic move a change in policy was released late on a Friday afternoon.

Plainly we could see that the hypocrisy and bias was laid bare and soon we were calling out LRD for their lies and discrimination and further calling the Police minister to get some awnsers.

We will continue to follow this matter up and will provide answers when we get them

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