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Education in Victoria needs to take a step back and re-evaluate its position. Management of schools and cur-riculum need a revamp, looking at the future of industry and technology moving forward.


• Targeted increase of funding to schools, particularly regional educational settings from Early Learning Centers through to Tertiary Institutions.

• Incentives for teachers to work in rural and regional areas

• Improve working conditions and pay with a focus on experienced teacher retention to improve teacher shortages across Victoria.

• Oppose the “safe schools” program, let kids be kids

• Introduce a proposal on a ‘field to fork’ program to teach high school students how their food is grown, harvested, processed and delivered.

• Improve access to agricultural education in TAFE, especially in metropolitan areas.

• Support programs and initiatives that will increase literacy rates amongst indigenous and at-risk young people.

• Support the Victorian curriculum to allow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to continue to develop,

implement and evaluate community valued blends of traditional culture, language, and cere-monial life with the Victorian curriculum.

• Support the development and expansion of the TAFE system and oppose any funding cuts, especially in regional and rural Victoria

• Make curriculum content available to parents for review

• Even out funding discrepancies between Private, Catholic and Government Schools and ensure schools are receiving 100% of funding recommended in the Gonski review.

• Ensure all schools have access to qualified psychologists and counsellors to combat the growing mental health crisis effecting our students

• Work to ensure the recent change in the EBA does not result in a decrease of extracurricular camps, ex-cursions and sport to ensure all students have access to these important programs.

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