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Energy & Mining


Policy failures over the past 30 years have left Victoria struggling to meet its energy requirements, the green move-ment is solely to blame. As the cost of living rises, families are needing ever increasing support just to heat and cool their homes. SFFP wants a back-to-basics approach to how our energy is produced.


• Support the investigation of nuclear power as a safe, viable, cheap and generationally transformational alternative to power generation

• Promote new power plants using clean coal technology

• Oppose in-ground carbon sequestration that locks up agricultural land for no other uses

• Support a removal the moratorium on conventional gas extraction

• Scrutinise new power infrastructure that impacts agricultural land

• Push government to implement a local gas reserve system, forcing gas companies to reserve enough gas for local use at the lowest price

• Push government to upgrade our power distribution networks to reduce the chances of bushfires due to infrastruc-ture failure

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