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We have been leading the fight for firearm owners since 1995 and we have never stood down in our fight for a fair go. We are the only party firearm owners can trust to do the right thing.


• Re-introduce our bill to remove firearm appearance laws

• Continue to fight further restrictions on firearm owners

• Promote harsher sentences for malicious firearm crimes

• Abolish the Notice of Received Instruction (NORI)

• Re-introduce our bill to improve access to suppressors.

• Renew our call for a parliamentary review of firearm laws and its focus on public safety and its evidence on tackling crime

• Work with government and agencies to provide pensioner discounts for firearm licenses and PTA’s

• Ensure fair representation for firearm owners and adequate consultation in matters relating to firearm laws

• Promote access to “gel blasters” & “airsoft” which are essentially toys

• Attract more junior shooters to the shooting sports (school programs etc)

• Continue support for a large shooting facility in Melbourne's Metropolitan East

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