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Hunting & Fishing


Hunting & Fishing in Victoria has never been more under threat, since 2014 SFFP have been at the forefront of this de-fense in parliament, taking the fight to the government and the activists. Our dedication to improving and protecting recreational hunting & fishing in Victoria makes us a powerful voice.


• Transfer management of State Game Reserves to the Game Management Authority

• Introduce a bill to enshrine the "right to hunt and gather" into the Victorian Constitution

• Continue to support the improvement of fishing facilities and boat ramps

• Improve and clearly define access to state game reserves

• Enforce transparency in the distribution of hunting and fishing license fees and boat registrations

• Give the GMA a role in promoting sustainable hunting

• Unwavering support for recreational duck hunting

• Protect the game status of deer in Victoria

• Introduce bow fishing for invasive fish species

• Push for improved access to sound moderators for hunters & recreational shooters

• Pressure government to provide pensioner discounts for hunting licenses

• Continue to campaign for more public land to be made available for hunting & fishing

• Engage with charities to take-up meat from recreational hunters and fishers to improve the viability of recreationally harvested meat in the commercial sector

• Continue to support and advocate for hound hunters

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