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Party Re-Registraion


Every 4 years the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) requires all parties to re-register as a political party in accordance with the Act. This includes a requirement to prove we meet the requirements of a political party by demonstrating that they have at least 500 members.
The VEC independently handles this process, with parties submitting their membership list for verification, followed by the VEC sending all party members a declaration form to be completed and returned to the VEC, and all member details verified against the Electoral Roll.


This process was scheduled to begin in March however due to COVID-19 has been pushed back to August. We will communicate with members once this process has begun. 

Our success relies on you looking out the mailout from the VEC and returning it to them promptly. If you are unsure of your membership status or wish to verify your address, please email us at

If we fail re-registration we cannot contest another election in Victoria until 2026 so it is imperative you return the form as soon as possible.

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