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Regional Roads, Transport and Rail



Victoria’s regional roads are crumbling, our rail network is outdated, massive amounts of taxpayer money is being wasted on tokenistic efforts. Tracks in our vast areas of public land are often inaccessible, making ac-cess for emergency services and recreational users impossible. We need to work smarter, the inability to quickly move freight across road and rail is holding back our agricultural sectors and road user safety is being jeopardized.


• Work to prioritize improvements on “B” and “C” class roads to handle larger vehicle loads.

• Investigate where road stability and landslip mitigation works can be fast tracked to limit damage and de-lays to our road network

• Initiate an independent inquiry into the failures of the Murray Basin Rail Project and investigate what can be done to fast track the remaining works to be completed.

• Work with councils and road authorities to improve the responses to minor road damage

• In times of natural disaster or drought; permit heavy vehicles to carry OD loads of feed and fodder for livestock

• Support a new passenger rail service to Mildura

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