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The agriculture and farming sector is riddled with green tape and the sustainable forestry industry is under attack from misinformed activists. Their criminal protests and persistent lawfare have disrupted thousands of jobs. Farm invasions from criminal organizations have farmers calling out for harsher trespass laws, and the encroachment of suburbia have farmers screaming out for protection.


• Introduce a bill to enshrine the "right to farm" in the Victorian Constitution

• Save regional jobs and push to immediately cancel the governments phase out of native timber harvesting and re-sume in-line with current RFA’s

• Call to remove the 200m exclusion zone rule currently choking the native timber industry

• Re-introduce our farm invasions bill, imposing harsher penalties for activists who trespass on farms, logging coups, hindering legal activities

• Give farmers a right to veto mining and extractive activities on their land

• Call for renewed action on invasive weed control

• Promote recreational hunters to control pests on farms

• Review native vegetation laws

• Fight activist misinformation

• Oppose green groups buying large farming properties with the intent on turning them into pseudo “national parks”

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