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Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Vic Representatives

Jeff Bourman MLC
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Jeff started shooting rabbits and foxes at the age of 14 on the family farm in the Wimmera. His real passion for shooting started once he turned 18 started to expand from rimfires to bigger rifles, along the way learning much about the mechanics and functions of firearms in general.

Jeff's working career has been varied, going from administrative jobs, security guard roles and working as a car wrecker, to joining Victoria Police on 29 April 1996. After leaving the force in 2000 he became an IT contractor.
Jeff has endured three paid confiscations of his firearms in 1989, 1996 and 2003. Each time he joined thosands of other law abiding firearms owners in queues to be relieved of his property because of crimes someone else had committed. This was and still is a travesty that does not befit a modern society.

Despite the ongoing attack on the law abiding, Jeff has kept his interest in shooting as a recreation, and got politically active as a way of protecting the future of his sport, which has lead to him starting the Victorian branch of the Shooters and Fishers Party and being elected to the Victorian parliament in 2014.

Being elected was a huge adjustment but the party has had a few wins already. By working with the government we have had free camping returned to sites that were previously free, we've had the age for paintball particiation reduced to 16 in line with other states as well as workers not having to be fingerprinted. One of the critical wins was achieving change to a piece of legislation that allows the SSAA Victoria to purchase the land their Springvale range is located on, securing the future of this pivotal facility.

Jeff wants to bring fairness back to the table. It isn't just fairness for law abiding firearm owners, it is fairness for fishers, farmers, rural folk and everyone that feels the touch of an often unfair system.

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